Let's Start With Why


Why eGood?

eGood is a beginning. It’s a new way of thinking. It involves new and rapidly changing technologies. It connects you with the world around you. It gives you more power than you can imagine. It holds businesses accountable. It builds communities. It helps individuals. It provides clarity and transparency. It will make a difference. And, personally, it will bring you joy.

Change can happen now. Change is overdue.

From the industrial age to the present, we’ve undergone tremendous changes in how we live, interact, and function as a nation and world economy. Technology and social media have enabled a new sort of global awareness. An awareness that wasn’t even possible 5 or 10 years ago. With this knowledge comes a new responsibility – it’s not okay to be aware and do nothing.

We are innately wired to do good.

Most of us want to do more. To make an impact in the world. But, we are challenged with the scale and scope of problems. We’re challenged with practicalities that limit our potential. We let others tell us what we can and can not do. We subscribe to everyone else’s way of thinking. We even question ourselves. Let’s be done with that.

We’ve been given a gift.

It’s time we move from an empathic society, to a society that takes action, to create long term change for good. If you’re reading this, you are part of the blessed few on this earth that don’t have to worry about basic needs such as foodclothing and water, or even worse, living and dying in extreme poverty or in highly corrupt societies.

Personally, my kids are watching.

At some point in my life, I know my kids will look at their dad and either feel indifferent, proud, or best yet…guided to a direction that fulfills both them and the world around them. I do feel a sense of urgency and want to do something that matters.

What’s your why?

by December 3, 2012
Category: eGood News
Category: eGood News

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We are seeing a huge movement in socially conscious companies. About a year ago I came across Sevenly.com that makes Tee shirts to support a cause and two days ago I was listening to a podcast on Mixergy where he interviewed Ethan Austin from Giveforward.com. which has raised nearly $34 mill dollars to help pay medical expenses. Maybe their is still hope for the world. In my eyes, I'm seeing a new generation evolving and I like what I'm seeing. Keep up the egood work my friends. I can't wait for the launch.