Turn Your Town Upside Down In 6 Easy Steps. An eGood Tutorial.


You may have noticed eGood isn’t everywhere—yet. And you can’t just sign up for it. We’re pretty informal, but you still need an invitation. Unlike some invitations, though, an eGood invite is pretty easy to score.

Get Invite

Remember – the more suggestions we get in your area, the sooner we can get eGood going there.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Tell us a business you like.
  2. Tell us a cause you love.
  3. Send everyone you know to eGood.com to do the same.
  4. If you’re a business owner, or know one, visit/send them to our “For Business” page.
  5. If you’re a non-profit, or know one, visit/send them to our “For Cause” page.
  6. If you’re famous, almost famous, or even just kind of influential, send your community our way to spread good around the world.

You can share multiple businesses and causes at once via the top of the Explore Business page. Or use the app to share a match between a business and a cause (i.e. Classic Coffee should support Eden Projects.)

Why make us work for it?

Good question. Here’s a good answer. Because YOU KNOW BEST!

It’s true. Who better than you to tell us which businesses put a smile on your face? Who knows better than you which causes are closest to your heart?

We tried purchased listings of businesses and causes and they fell short. No purchased list could possibly have the same personal touch as just asking someone. So we’re asking you.

Will you share a business you like?

Will you share a cause you love?

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to turn your town upside down – for good.

We’d appreciate it. Thousands of other people would, too.

by June 10, 2013
Category: eGood How To
Category: eGood How To


Looks like it is really easy to use. Love watching it all come together!


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